Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Spider Kings Revenge

For this Writing my goal was personification.

Spider King was furious, he wanted revenge. he leaped angrily into the portal to the world of fortnite. Spider King saw where team exclusive was from miles away - they were in Greasy Grove. He knew he had to search the Town.

3 exhausting days later they finally searched the whole Town. But one thing they didn’t know was that Team Exclusive were hiding in a old abandoned restaurant. So they went to the restaurant and saw a giant burger on top. Then the ginormous burger was about to gobble us up. Finally we was in the restaurant i could hear footsteps. Then we saw team exclusive they were destroying the place to millions of pieces. So then spider king said.

“Attack” angrily shouted the king. They all started to fight and splatters of ketchup were all over the walls. But it was time for the king to get revenge then he rushed at the leader of team exclusive and scratched his face.

Blood dripped down his face. “Ahh you spider you will pay” angrily said the leader of team exclusive.

“And you will pay for my sons los” cried the king. Then all of spider kings knights stabbed the leader with there little swords.

“Oww that feels like pins and needles” shouted out the leader.

So spider king webbed onto the leader and cut his head right open blood drained out of his head.

“This is what should’ve of happened at the start” happily said the king. So all of the team exclusive reatreated and never would kill another spider again.

Except one.

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