Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Spider Kings Revenge

For this Writing my goal was personification.

Spider King was furious, he wanted revenge. he leaped angrily into the portal to the world of fortnite. Spider King saw where team exclusive was from miles away - they were in Greasy Grove. He knew he had to search the Town.

3 exhausting days later they finally searched the whole Town. But one thing they didn’t know was that Team Exclusive were hiding in a old abandoned restaurant. So they went to the restaurant and saw a giant burger on top. Then the ginormous burger was about to gobble us up. Finally we was in the restaurant i could hear footsteps. Then we saw team exclusive they were destroying the place to millions of pieces. So then spider king said.

“Attack” angrily shouted the king. They all started to fight and splatters of ketchup were all over the walls. But it was time for the king to get revenge then he rushed at the leader of team exclusive and scratched his face.

Blood dripped down his face. “Ahh you spider you will pay” angrily said the leader of team exclusive.

“And you will pay for my sons los” cried the king. Then all of spider kings knights stabbed the leader with there little swords.

“Oww that feels like pins and needles” shouted out the leader.

So spider king webbed onto the leader and cut his head right open blood drained out of his head.

“This is what should’ve of happened at the start” happily said the king. So all of the team exclusive reatreated and never would kill another spider again.

Except one.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

passion project reflection

This is me and Fokus passion project this was quite hard because the map always exploded. it was very annoying but we was able to do the job. here is the link for passion project reflect

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Spider Knights death

   For This Writing My Goals Were Personification,Use of senses,spicy adjectives.

For the reader:
This is a part of a story. In this part Spider Knight and his soldiers battle against the Team exclusive. 
One of the Spiders are trying to take the heal potion. It heals people if they are dying. 
One of then take the heal potion and hey retreat. Spider Knight dies (he gets squished.)

Spider knight searched for the slurp juice among the feet of humans for his miserable king.
 Spider knight  traveled through the portal to the mysterious world of fortnite with his army of killing 
machine spiders.

Then spider knight was in the world of death the world they call fortnite he located were the slurp juice 
was and he saw from a distance were the slurp juice was. When spider knight and his army were 
marching to tilted towers spider knight was thinking if his king would be alright.

Then one of the towers gave a furious glare to us. So then they saw the tower that had that magical 
slurp juice in the tower to recover the king. Then they found a way into the tower but they saw a gang 
of people they were called team exclusive the most deadly team in fortnite. Then they pounced into a  
little crack to get into that gigantic building.

So then they finally was in the building they had to be sneaky and to not be spotted. But then that 
moment they saw the slurp juice and team exclusive saw them there was no choice but to fight. So 
spider knight shouted out “attack” and the fight was bloody spider blood was all over the walls.
 “Bang” “pow” then they took down 5 humans but the team only had 20 people but the spiders only had
 a few thousand left. But team exclusive were all got distracted and spider knight went for the mystical 
slurp juice. But the leader of team exclusive saw spider knight try get the slurp juice of wisdom. Then they 
started to fight to the death. Then spider knight got his sword of spider breath to kill the leader but then that
 moment the leader shot spider knight with a spider killing gun that had really awesome aim. But he was in
 pain and the spiders had to retreat but one spider quickly and secretly stole the slurp juice for the king. 
But spider knight was squished to death and no one could do anything for him.

They just got back home to give the potion to the painful king and he drank the potion and felt much better 
but then the king asked where's spider knight the king son “he h he d died sir”

Thursday, 17 May 2018


ROBLOX GAMING REVIEW                                THE CREW GAMING REVIEW

 These are some links to my gaming review. I had to work on paragraphs. But i wasn't  the best but i tried my hardest . I think i did a really good at my gaming reviews.

 These gaming reviews took about a week each. So please check the links if you are reading this.

                   GAMING REVIEW

Sunday, 18 March 2018

my wall worthy master piece

this is my art work that people are going to send to the wall worthy competition hopefully i can compete to the wall worthy competition because this peace of a master peace took a long time to paint. i panted so long that my hands were covered in paint and i was like and i hope we win the wall worthy competition. i really want this master piece to win so we paint forever.

 Finished hoped you enjoyed my master piece ;)